How Do You Make an AI Video For Free in 2024?

How do you make an AI video for free in 2024? Understanding Video Creation Call this the Tron era of video! AI, or artificial, has turned out to be quite the maestro in video editing and creation. Picture having an orchestra that doesn’t need sleep has an impressive knack. And voila, it’s AI for you. The question isn’t “Why should we use AI?” but more like, “Why are we not using AI?”

In 2024’s video creation landscape, AI platforms such as and have entirely transformed how we approach everything. The learning curve is no longer Everest-like but reminiscent of a lovely meandering hill. These tools can redefine the words ‘effortless’ and ‘efficiency’. Let’s dive deeper into this magical symphony of algorithms and insights, shall we?

Getting Started with

Getting Started with

Do any of you remember the Renaissance polymath genius, Leonardo da Vinci? Imagine him reincarnated as a modern AI platform. Meet, a software that might as well have donned a cape and called itself Superman for all the obliviously cool things it does! In a nutshell, is like that highly organized friend who foils any excuse for chaos and consistently delivers every single time!

Getting started with is as easy as falling off a log — assuming it is on the ground and you’re lying next to it. You sign up, upload your video file, and let the AI do its thing. There’s a natural charm to watching the software chug along, analyzing your content, extracting key points, and making it minimally invasive. It’s like a friendly robot Butler, always ready to assist, never complaining. Link



On the flip side, we’ve got RunwayML, the hipper younger cousin in the family of video editing AI. This platform is so easy to use that you might find your cat casually editing clips if left unattended with your laptop. All you need to do is drag and drop your footage and fiddle with controls, and RunwayML adds the sprinkle of AI magic dust into your work.

RunwayML isn’t just pet-friendly, though. It’s also an absolute sweetheart when adding subtitles or enhancing video quality. It’s like curling up with a good book in a cosy nook. You pick your video, choose your edits and boom! You’re brewing video clips like a professional barista handing out piping hot lattes. Link

More on

More on

Moving on from the artistry, let’s drift closer to Hollywood. is the red carpet where the stars aligning are your video files. This platform allows you to produce professional-quality videos in no time. Think about it like your personal Steven Spielberg but without the astronomical director’s fee.

With functionalities like video compression, conversion, and editing utilities that even include a webcam recorder (can anyone say “vlogger”?), gives you a robust arsenal to create the masterpiece you see in your mind’s eye. Link

Editing with KineMaster

At this juncture, it would be remiss not to mention the showstopper AI editing app – KineMaster. This charming little tool makes video editing so friendly and relaxed that even a potato could do it. I’m talking transitions smoother than a pick-up line from Ryan Gosling, and the delightfully intuitive interface is as comfortable as your favourite pair of old jeans. But the real kicker? The app delivers a buttery-smooth user experience. Your videos will look professional, like being handed the film director’s chair!

KineMaster Link


And there you have it, a roadmap to creating fantastic AI videos in 2024 without spending a cent! So, what’s the takeaway? AI video editing is the new black; it’s the cat’s pyjamas and here to stay. Whether it’s tailoring your clips with, exploring the ease that comes with, or bringing your videos to life with KineMaster, you’re only a few clicks away from creating compelling video content. So go ahead — get out there and let your inner Speilberg shine!

Let’s revisit our primary question: “Why are we not using AI?” or “Why are we late to the party?”

Well, as they say, better late than never. Welcome to an era where creativity breaks all boundaries. Don’t just swim; dive deep into this ocean of opportunities that AI video creation provides. How about that for a mic drop moment, huh?

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